About Ryan

By now you may be curious about me, about who I am and why I write about what I write about. That’s understandable. Well, to start with, my name is Ryan. I’m in my 30’s, I’m a proud father of two, a multi-talented career man and someone with a love for bread and brewing. I have grown up loving to cook and brew and ferment foods and drinks, but I have also found myself in love with travel and camping, especially in a car or an RV. I don’t know exactly what it is that keeps me drawn into the wilderness, into exploring the world and cooking from it directly, but when I am out in nature I find myself at peace.

My experience in life comes from many areas. I have never found myself able to stay in one role for long. Because of this, I have worked many different jobs across many industries, and have encountered people from all walks of life. Many would consider this a chaotic way to live, but for me there is a great joy in all these circumstances. Some of the changes may not have been my choice, but all have something to give that I feel like I should cherish.

Especially as one of those circumstances led to me meeting my wife. Though she has sadly passed due to medical complications (I hope you’ll forgive me not going into details), the time we spent together is something precious that I cannot help but look fondly upon even now. And, as a blessing, she gave us two beautiful children before she passed. Every day I see her in their smile, their eyes, hear her in their questions and songs. It is a beautiful thing.

Life brings a lot for us to handle, and I believe we should always look to the positive of everything. I also believe that sharing is caring, and that teaching others what we know is vital. I guess that is, in part, why I started this blog. In other ways, I just wanted to write. To put something down anywhere and to leave a mark.

In any case, you’ll find a few different subjects here for certain. I can’t say I will stick to any one theme. I never have, and I don’t think I could. We all have a lot of things that happen to us, and sharing experiences helps us all.